“To show great love for God and our neighbors,
it is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful.”

Mother Teresa


Kindergarten at Notre Dame School is an exciting time of exploration for your child. As motor coordination increases, so too will a sense of independence, self-reliance, and self-confidence.

K Highlights include:

  • Faith: Your child will learn that God is the creator of all things and will celebrate and enjoy God’s creation through liturgy and prayer.
  • Language Arts: Your child will progress from recognition of all upper and lowercase letters to identifying sounds of all consonants and vowels, culminating in the reading and writing of simple sentences and stories.
  • Math: Your child will learn to sort and classify objects, recognize and write numbers to 30, count orally by ones, five and tens, add and subtract using manipulatives, recognize patterns and shapes, tell time to the nearest hour, and count coins and recite the days of the week and months of the year.
  • Science: Your child will use all senses to observe and experiment with plants and animals, weather and temperature.
  • Social Studies: Your child will learn about religious and civic holidays throughout the year, as well as major historical figures
  • Mass Partner: Every Kindergartner is assigned an 8th grade Mass Partner who will act as a guide and mentor through their first year at Notre Dame.
  • Field Trips: Students participate in CSU, Chico Physical Education Programs and take at least two walking field trips each year to Laxson Auditorium.