“To show great love for God and our neighbors,
it is how much love we put in the doing that makes our offering something beautiful.”

Mother Teresa

Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten’s main objective is to help the child to develop a love for attending school and to embrace the excitement of learning. Our program is designed for 4 and 5 year olds to prepare them for the academic world of Kindergarten and beyond. The curriculum emphasizes faith development, language arts and math, along with social skills development and creative play.

T-K Highlights include:

  • Daily prayer experiences and weekly participation in school liturgies.
  • Language arts and math skills are emphasized in the curriculum to prepare the students for Kindergarten.
  • Respect and kindness are practiced and taught daily.
  • Communication skills and social skills are emphasized.
  • The Church year is explained and projects pertaining to the Church season are done throughout the year.