Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Jesus Others Yourself

As A JOY Filled Student Of Notre Dame School, Who Understands That Learning Is A Life-Long Process, You Have Discovered That JOY Is Knowing, Loving, And Serving Jesus, Others, And Yourself.


Knows Jesus – through Scripture, liturgical life, and religion standards

Loves Jesus – through prayer, sacraments, and participating at Mass

Serves Jesus – through altar serving/choir, community service, and stewardship of the earth.


Knows others – through listening and communicating effectively

Loves others – by cooperating respectfully and responding with compassion to the needs of others.

Serves others – by sharing gifts and talents with our Notre Dame family and the global community.


Knows self – by setting goals, evaluating progress, persisting in tasks, and owning his/her choices and their effects.

Loves self – by being a self-directed learner, making progress through Diocesan standards, and making appropriate choices.

Serves self – through participation in the creative process and artistic expression, and is confident with a strong sense of self.

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