What Is Scrip?

Scrip is essentially a gift card program that generates money for the school. It has the potential to be one of the school’s biggest fundraisers, if parents support and use the program. For each gift card purchased, Notre Dame receives a discount on the purchase of the gift card, which is how the school profits. To learn more about Scrip, please visit their website at

What Types Of Scrip Gift Cards/Certificates Can I Purchase?

Gift cards are available for both local and national businesses. From Safeway and The Home Depot to local restaurants, gas, grocery, clothing, toy and sports stores, you’ll be able to use them at places you regularly shop. Click here to view frequently used merchants on the school’s order form. Please click here view a complete list of all merchants who participate in Scrip.

How Do I Purchase Scrip?

Each family is given a Scrip envelope that indicates your family number and includes an order form. Fill out the form, attach your check and send it with your child on Thursdays to give to his/her teacher. You will receive your order back that afternoon in most cases, unless you are purchasing certificates that we do not carry in stock, and in such cases, you will receive them by the following Thursday. Forms are available in the school office and on the parent portal (schoolyard) on the website. You can turn in your order form and check to the school office or to the Scrip who fulfill orders Thursday mornings in the upstairs meeting room. Be sure to keep a copy of your order for your records.

Why Should I Buy Scrip?

The Scrip program is an easy-to-use revenue generator for the school. Money the program brings in will help keep down tuition costs. With the support and creativity of our school families, we hope to bring in enough revenue to purchase more school computers, additional teacher training, desks and other important school supplies.

What Is E-Scrip? How Do I Enroll?

eScrip is an electronic fundraising program that is easy to use. Go to to register for the program. You should register your Safeway club card, and credit and debit cards that you normally use. When you shop at participating merchants, they will donate a percentage of your purchase back to the school. You do nothing different at the time of your purchase. You can also have grandparents or other family and friends register at eScrip so that our school benefits from their purchases.

How Do I Make Scrip Part Of My Regular Shopping Routine?

All it takes is a little advance planning and effort to incorporate the Scrip program in your life. Most of us buy from a core group of merchants each week/month. Take a look at the merchant list for both Scrip and eScrip so that you are familiar with who is on the list. On a regular basis (every week, bi-monthly or monthly) purchase Scrip for the merchants you patronize. Think groceries, restaurants, gas, clothing, coffee, movie tickets, birthday and Christmas presents. Even online retailer is a merchant. Organize your Scrip gift cards in a credit card-type wallet, envelope, or file folder and keep them handy in your purse or car. As for e-Scrip, whenever you shop at a participating merchant with your registered debit or credit card, you will earn money for our school. Remember to support the businesses that support Notre Dame.

Business owners can also use Scrip gift cards for office and travel purchases or employee gifts. Office Depot, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott Hotels, See’s Candy, Amazon, restaurants, gas stores, bookstores, etc. are a few of the potential business-related merchants on the list.

Can People Outside Notre DameSchool Use Scrip?

You bet. Grandparents and friends of Notre Dame love Scrip. If your company gives out gift cards at year-end or for bonuses, why not buy them from Notre Dame School? We will cheerfully accommodate your bulk orders.