Prospective Families

Thank you in advance for your interest in Notre Dame School and for visiting our website! We would love the opportunity to tell you more in person about our safe environment, academic excellence, and Christian atmosphere. Below are a few reasons we hope you will consider sending your child to Notre Dame.


It's a rare thing these days. Yet it's exactly what parents want for their children in a school environment. A place that's conducive to learning and laughter. Where respect is shared not challenged. Where children - and their parents - feel welcome and included. A school that promotes high academic standards and equally high moral values. Where life-long learning and family friendships flourish.

Academic Excellence

Notre Dame School combines high academic standards with equally high moral values. Notre Dame is doubly accredited by WCEA, the Western Catholic Education Association, and WASC, the Western Association of Colleges and Schools. Based on academic achievement, teacher quality, and class size, we've earned the distinction of academic excellence for many years. In fact, our roots are with the Sisters of Notre Dame, who founded Catholic education in Chico in 1928. It is our belief each child must have a strong foundation in reading, writing, math and science to be successful. Computer, fine arts and physical education supplement this.

Love Of God And Country

At Notre Dame School, each day begins with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance is recited with pride. Moral values - honesty, humility, respect - are woven into class time and social time. It's who we are as Christians, and how we want to prepare our children for life. Yes, Notre Dame is a Catholic school. Yet you may be surprised to learn that some of our students are non-Catholic. This inclusiveness stems from the belief that there is one loving God. And it's our mission to teach and reinforce the faith-based values that Chico residents hold dear.

If you would like more information be sure to call and set up an appointment to meet with me and take a tour of the school. We look forward to hearing from you!


Mrs. Marci Johnson

Prospective Family Packet

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